Simplify the creation, analysis, documentation, translation, and collaboration in Micro Focus IDM environments and projects

IDM System management – all tools in one Toolbox!

IDM Toolbox revolutionizes the way you work in IDM projects. It improves the collaboration and effectiveness of project management, consultants and developers in the fields of driver specifications, documentation, translation workflow, working process, and email templates. Your specifications can be deployed directly into your IDM system or imported into Designer.

Create accurate documentation of drivers, schemas, workflows and even the Directory Abstraction Layer (DAL). Discover problems before they occur with the periodic analysis of your driver trace files. Track and save project changes using automatic versioning.

With the IDM Toolbox copying or bulk changes of directories are done just in a few seconds. Reduce the testing time by creating real test scenarios from existing live data in several minutes.

IDM Toolbox functions

Directory Cloner



Predefine and reuse different migration processes to copy object data from one directory to another.


  • Define and reuse data migration processes from one directory to another
  • Use different directory connections
  • Determine mandatory or optional attributes
  • Exclude or include specific objects or attributes
  • Transform attribute values during migration with powerful regex expressions
  • Two phase migration process to be able to copy reciprocal dependent attributes

Driver Design



The driver designer is an interactive and guided instrument for consultants to specify drivers together with customers:


  • Define objects and attributes in subscriber and publisher channel to synchronize
  • Add attribute value examples to clarify value transformation rules
  • Specify the driver behavior for each event in source and target system
  • Create and deploy a ready to use IDM driver into your system
  • Descriptions, value examples and documentations integrated in generated driver

Driver Documenter



Create comprehensible and complete driver documentation developers can work with and add their notes within Designer:


  • Create detailed Excel documentation for all your drivers
  • Documents events, objects, attributes, values examples, channels, transformation
  • Documents User Application Driver including DAL
  • Documents all workflows including java scripts
  • Create documentation objects developers can reuse in Designer
  • Create and use your own Excel templates

Object Mofifier



Define, save and reuse detailed bulk modification processes for any LDAP directory:


  • Bulk modification on selected objects and attributes within a subtree
  • Individually add, change or remove attribute values
  • Use powerful java script for value transformations
  • Supports eDirectory, Active Directory or any LDAP directory

Shema Documenter



Import schema files and create accurate documentation within seconds:


  • Create detailed schema documentation in Excel format
  • Document subclasses, attributes, attribute types and flags
  • Create and use your own Excel templates

Version and Team Exchange



All your work will be versioned automatically. Permit consultants, developers, project managers and customers exchange their ideas between different Toolbox exponents and boost the capability of your IDM team:


  • All work will be versioned automatically
  • See all versions and restore any version
  • Exchange drivers, form and mail templates between Toolboxes
  • Secure data exchange with mutual “Sync Secrets”
  • Supports custom IP ports

Form and Mail Designer



The designer module enables your consultants to interactively create workflow forms and mail templates together with your customer:


  • Interactive graphical workflow form and HTML mail design
  • Drag & drop
  • Integrates all IDM Designer form objects
  • Form preview
  • Versioning of Drivers, forms and mail-templates

Log Analyzer



The in depth analyzer for driver trace files enables you to detect driver problems before they become aware:


  • Upload and process trace any trace file from multiple drivers simultaneously
  • Comprehensive overviews, summaries and charts of events and status messages
  • Summaries of all errors found per driver

Workflow Translator



Simplification of the translation of workflows:

  • Export all language depended properties of all workflows in an Excel file
  • Choose up to 12 languages you want to support
  • Reimporting finalized Excel sheet and complete missing language properties in workflows



White paper


Education price list

Educational pricing overview


Directory Cloner

Directory Cloner module can predefine and reuse different migration processes by copying object data from one directory to another, while easily excluding or including specific objects or attributes.

Object Modified

The Object Modified enables you to do bulk modification on any LDAP directory like Active Directory, eDirectory or Apache.

Driver Logfile Analyzer

The Driver Logfile Analyzer allows periodic analysis of your driver trace files. By knowing what is happening within your
system, you can take action before the problems occur.

Driver Documenter

The Driver Documenter module automatically creates comprehensive and complete driver documentation for you. Developers can even add their own specific amendments directly in IDM Designer.


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